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Welcome to the website for the Indiana Junior Rodeo Association. On this page you will find current messages for our members and those interested in becoming a member of our organization. Further information can be found by clicking on any of the tabs to the left of this page. Forms needed to join the association can be found on our Membership page. The Schedule page contains information on individual rodeos - directions, entry forms, draw positions when available, and other useful information. Please take time to look around and let us know if you have any suggestions for items you would like to see here.

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IJRA would like to give a big thank you to the Home Depot in Crawfordsville, IN for the donation of the supplies needed to repair the platform behind the bucking chutes and to add to the corner of the roping boxes.  Their support is greatly appreciated!




Congratulations to Gary and Belinda Wiggington for purchasing the winning raffle ticket for the Merhow Bumper Pull!  Thank you to Merhow and Ridge Trailers as well as the many trailer sponsors for supporting Indiana Junior Rodeo Association!

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Rule Books are now available:  Go to the "About IJRA" page to download a copy.





Note to all Members:

All new members please remember to bring/submit a copy of your birth certificate and grade verification as soon as feasibly possible.  For past members, verify at check-in at the next rodeo that your verification is on file.  Thanks, Amy Leatherman