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EXCITING NEWS!  This year the Indiana Junior Rodeo Association has a unique opportunity to raffle a saddle curtsey of Judson Saddlery.  As many members know first-hand, Judson makes a high quality saddle and we are humbled by their gracious offer.  Our young contestants work hard year-round to accomplish their goals and the money raised will help reward their efforts by funding year-end awards. Chances on the custom-made 15” rough out team roping saddle will sell for $5/ticket and we ask that members try to sell a minimum of 10 tickets.  The top ticket seller will receive a gift certificate to Judson Saddlery and will draw the winning raffle ticket during the August 2017 State Finals.   Tickets will be available for purchase soon so be sure to add them to your Christmas list!


Welcome to the website for the Indiana Junior Rodeo Association. On this page you will find current messages for our members and those interested in becoming a member of our organization. Further information can be found by clicking on any of the tabs to the left of this page. Forms needed to join the association can be found on our Membership page. The Schedule page contains information on individual rodeos - directions, entry forms, draw positions when available, and other useful information. Please take time to look around and let us know if you have any suggestions for items you would like to see here.

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IJRA is excited to announce that West Lebanon, IN will be the rodeo location for the 2016-2017 season.










Note to all Members:

All new members please remember to bring/submit a copy of your birth certificate and grade verification as soon as feasibly possible.  For past members, verify at check-in at the next rodeo that your verification is on file.